Circles of Love CD
Lori Jo Siegel

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Circles of Love CD cover


'Circles of Love,' the premiere album release by Lori Jo Siegel, is a compendium of blessings for lovers of Folk music.  Opening with the title cut "Circles of Love," a classic Country/Folk tune with lovely Vocal harmonies; the album weaves Country and Bluegrass overtones into an eclectic blend of Ethnic styled gems, alternating between lighthearted and contemplative moods, and morphing into a Jazzy Folk style near the end.  Almost all of the songs on 'Circles of Love' tell a story and the stories range from celebrations of the sacred, to silly tales about her beloved cats, and to haunting themes of deep social concern.  The listener is led on a journey by Lori Jo's music that uplifts the mood and spirit, while offering an encouraging message of hope and love.

Lori Jo's voice carries a depth of emotion conveying strength, delicacy, and sincere expression, and it is the featured item on this album.  The fine detail in skillfull Instrumental parts from World-class players supports the music gracefully, enhancing her beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies.  The album draws you in with an air of Magic and Fantasy that appeals to both young and old.

Each song on 'Circles of Love' is a valuable contribution to the Indie Pop movement in music.  This beautiful collection is a colorful blend of folk, country, and rhythm and blues, featuring beguiling lyrics and melodies that unpretentiously dance their way into your heart.  Inspiration for her songs comes out of her relationships with pets, nature, God, life in general and great artists like Richie Havens, Laura Nyro, Billy Holiday, Earth Wind and Fire, Van Morrison and the Blues Masters.  Lori Jo's original artwork also graces the 'Circles of Love' CD, which is the culmination of more than 15 years' effort.


Updated October 21, 2020